About Us

Cettera Pty Ltd (ABN: 30122909737) was founded by Dr. Tom Geimer and began operations in Australia in early 2007.

Andrew Grant joined Cettera in 2010 after working on several projects with Tom.

Tom has training and work experience in stockbroking, corporate finance and most importantly early stage and growth venture capital.  Andrew has a similar background but with a more hands-on approach.

Tom has worked in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries at various levels also having put his hands to work as a veterinarian for a few years.

Andrew is a contemporary entrepreneur presently managing two companies in totally different sectors of his interest, namely: environmental recycling and alternative energy as well as genetic software.

A bit more formally this is who we are.

Tom has worked internationally in the commercialisation sector for the past 15 years, and is an experienced venture capitalist. He has held positions in various start-up companies and corporate management in Europe. His area of expertise is science and pharmaceuticals. He has a Bachelors degree in molecular biology, a Doctor of Philosophy in veterinary science and a Masters of Business Administration.

Andrew has experience at the coal-face of commercialisation, engaging in business development, strategic formulation, first line sales, international distribution and alliance partnerships, new product development, quality assurance, major project management, human resources management and financial modelling.  He has a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Science and Technology Commercialisation.