Madeleine Pharmaceuticals

Madeleine Pharmaceuticals will commercialise and manufacture a novel patent protected treatment of heart failure based on a naturally occurring peptide called “Vessel Dilator” or VSDL.

An experienced life sciences executive and serial entrepreneur with a proven track record partnered with the Australian subsidiary of an international pharmaceutical company and two world leading physicians (cardiologist and renal physiologist) haven driven the commercialisation programme, including oversight of the approval process, IP management, drug manufacture and clinical trials.

Madeleine Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (Madeleine) was founded in June 2009 by the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) for BioInnovation SA (BioSA), namely: Dr. Tom Geimer (Founder).

The company raised its first funds from BioInnovation SA (BDI Grant) used exclusively for the Exploratory Clinical Trial, initial patenting on therapeutic dosing, synthetic production of drug peptide by Auspep Pty Ltd as well as clinical site registration, approval fees and development of a novel assay to detect the peptide drug of interest in blood and urine.  As the company progressed, other trials were planned and this Exploratory Trial is now referred to as Made 01.

In February 2011, Madeleine raised additional funds from Series A  investors (private parties related or known to Founder) and a Series B investor.

Made 01 is a dose ranging safety and tolerability study designed to determine the pharmaco-kinetics and pharmaco-dynamics of VSDL.

In July, 2011 Medtronic Inc. agreed to conduct the first testing of a proprietary delivery pump using VSDL with Madeleine.  This trial is referred to as Made 03.  Made 02, to be conducted independently of Medtronic, will investigate the pharmaco-kinetics of VSDL via sub-cutaneous bolus injection.  VSDL is given intravenously in Made 01.

More on Madeleine by contacting Tom Geimer